About Life Times

Life Times began as an idea to help people who have lost a loved one, whether it be a family member, friend, work colleague or anyone whom you wish to preserve or share the memories of.

Myself and my father John

The idea originated from two separate incidents; my father completed a family history dating back over 170 years, and also my grandfather passed away two months short of his 100th birthday. It dawned on me that so many people pass through our lives that we become somewhat accustomed to letting them slip from our memory as time passes. Or perhaps we don’t even get the chance to discover what our recent ancestors were really like, or what their friends and family saw in them.

I wanted to help people create a resting place for their loved one’s memories. A place that can be added to by other family members, friends, colleagues, etc. It can also be kept completely private, if so wished, just to be used by a sole survivor. The choice will be that of the Tribute owner.

I believe that LifeTimes.ie is a fitting way to preserve the memories of a loved one, and to allow future generations, your grandchildren, or maybe great grandchildren to see where they came from and what their own ancestors were really like. Having seen the tremendously hard work that my own father put into creating our own family history I felt that there must be an easier way to keep a personal record of our ancestors, and to celebrate their lives.

Mo Wallace

The Tribute is quick and easy to set up (we can offer you some help if needed) and is easily managed. As mentioned, the Tribute can be kept completely private (for the sole purposes of the tribute holder), shared with just a few close family and friends, or be completely public, whichever the Tribute owner feels more comfortable with. Most importantly any comments attributed by anybody other than the Tribute owner can be filtered or deleted before being posted to the Tribute page. This allows complete peace of mind to the Tribute owner.

Attached to each Tribute is a journal, or a diary if you will. This allows the Tribute owner to keep a record of all the thoughts and feelings the bereaved owner is experiencing. Most importantly, this journal is kept completely private, and can only be seen by the owner. It will never be seen by anybody else. The Tribute concept is known to help with the grieving process of those who are bereaved. It can assist you in the difficult times of losing someone.

So if you have lost someone, as many of us have, you may want to create a Tribute to keep their many, many great memories alive for both you, and future generations of your family.

Kindest of Regards,

Mo Wallace, Website Owner