What is a LifeTimes Tribute?

A LifeTimes Tribute is a lasting way to celebrate the memories of a loved one’s life. Families, friends and colleagues can share stories, photos, memories and more on this online memorial or it can be kept completely private for the Tribute owner if required. 

Can anyone set up a Tribute?

Yes, anyone can set up a LifeTimes Tribute. Some people may wish to ask their Funeral Director to initiate the process, or anyone can also create a Tribute directly here online.

Why set up a Tribute?

A Lifetimes Tribute allows you to keep the memories of your lost loved one in the one place. It allows friends and family to share their stories, experiences, photographs and videos of the special times that they, and you spent together. It is a form of journaling which is focused both on the benefits to the bereaved and the memory of the deceased.

Who can access my LifeTimes journal?

Your journal is exclusively seen and used by the Tribute owner. It is kept completely private at all times.

Who administers the Tribute?

Each Tribute has an administrator who manages the Tribute and any content that displays on the Tribute pages. The person who creates the Tribute is normally the administrator however they can share this role with others or even transfer ownership to another person.

Do I need to prepare anything first?

No. We have designed the service so that you can set up your website first to see how it works and then return at your own leisure to add your preferred words, photos, videos and other content and other individual setting options. 

How much information can I put on my website?

Much more than you might expect. Your Tribute is provided with sufficient space to add virtually unlimited text, numerous photos and some music and video. If you do need additional memory space you can just increase your allowance at any time by contacting LifeTimes by using our contact information on the Contact Us page.

Can I amend, add or remove things afterwards?

Yes. You can amend and develop your site at any time and we actively encourage you to do this as a way of commemorating, paying tribute and working through your bereavement and beyond.

Can I get help when setting up my LifeTimes Tribute?

The LifeTimes team are always keen to help with any query and full contact options are available on the Contact Us page..

Who can access my LifeTimes Tribute?

You can easily customise your Tribute to make it accessible to the general public, you can share it with trusted family, friends and colleagues, or you can keep it completely private for your own personal use. Whichever you choose, if you wish you can change your mind anytime you like.

How can I be sure there are no inappropriate comments or posts added to my Tribute?

The LifeTimes Tribute owner is responsible for filtering and approving the messages before they appear online, thus offering complete peace of mind. In fact we encourage this filtering before allowing messages and photos to be posted.

How can people pay their respect or leave a message/photo/video on a Tribute?

Each Tribute has a guestbook which allows you to post messages, photos and videos. All submitted material is subject to the approval of the LifeTimes Tribute owner.

Can I download content from my Tribute?

All written content can be copied from your Tribute into any separate online document plus there is the facility to download all pictures. It is not possible to download either music or videos from the Tribute.

How long will my Tribute last?

Your Tribute will last as long as you want and many users choose to keep their Tribute going as a permanent commemorative memorial site. However, if you do delete your Tribute, you would have to begin the Create A Tribute process again.

How do I remove a Tribute that I have created?

If you are not entirely happy with the service there is a 14 day cooling off period (from date of Tribute set-up).

This gives you peace of mind to create your Tribute and have time to experience all that that entails. If you still decide that it's not for you, please contact LifeTimes admin through the Contact Us page before the 14 days expires and we'll be happy to offer you a full refund, however if (as we hope) you find it of comfort and support you can keep and develop it without any further charge. Ever.

At LifeTimes, our whole purpose is to enable people to create a special tribute site for someone they love, to help with grief.

Is my Tribute content backed up?

We run comprehensive back-ups of all Tribute information to help safeguard your Tribute but duplication is always an advisable data-preservation strategy so we do recommend that you also copy and save content from your Tribute site. In particular, since we hold some types of media in an optimised or compressed format we always suggest that you keep your own independent copy of the original files that you add to your site.